Giene Keyes, Certified Dog Trainer, with Rottweiler, Wyatt

Giene Keyes, CPDT-KA, Owner & Founder

Giene Keyes, CPDT-KA is the Owner of Dog Face, LLC. Giene started working with dog behavior in 1990 when she adopted a 4-year old Greyhound from the racing track.  To date he is the most severe separation anxiety case that she has seen... Read more >>










Debie with chocolate lab poodle

Debie, Dog Face Behavior Specialist

My name is Debie! I'm a UW-Madison graduate, and a soon to be pharmacy student. I'm a proud mom to the sweetest (and craziest!) chocolate lab/poodle mix out there. Dillinger has taught me many things: patience, Read more >>









stephanie with black lab, Ruby

Stephanie, Dog Face Behavior Specialist

I’m Stephanie, and the only thing I ever remember wanting to do with my life is work with animals.  Like many girls, I wanted to be a vet, so I started at UW Madison, declared a zoology major, signed up for 18 credits and read more >>









Dog Face Terrier Mix

Jamie, Dog Face Training Coordinator & Group Class Assistant

Hi! I'm Jamie. I was born and raised in Platteville, WI, but moved to Madison nearly 20 years ago. I had a lot of different pets growing up, but Kasey was my heart dog. She cultivated a desire to always have a dog (or two) in my life. When I moved to Madison I did two things:  Read More >>









Dog Face Boxer

Sara, Dog Face Behavior Specialist

Hi! I’m Sara. I grew up in Northeastern Wisconsin and relocated to Madison in 2007 with my then-fiancé. We’re now married (going on 6 years already) and have no human children but we do have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and cichlids (fish).  I’ve always loved animals and if I could make a living by bettering their lives, I would. Read More >>









Dog Face Vizsla Teddy Bear

Angela, Dog Face Group Class Instructor

Hi! My name is Angela. I grew up in the country outside a small town about 30 miles north of Madison. My dad was passionate about black labs and already had Sam when he met my mom. Shortly after Sam’s passing we got Corky, a black lab mix, who quickly became my best buddy. I was always amazed by... Read More >>













Dog Face Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Pam, Dog Face Group Class Instructor

Hi! My name is Pam. I live in Waunakee with my boyfriend, Kyle, and our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Ranger. Growing up, my family had a wonderful Sheltie named Comet. Ever since he passed away over 10 years ago, I wanted another dog that I could raise and train. I finally settled down enough to know I could provide the time, energy, and love a dog needs.  Read More >>








Leona, Dog Face Group Class Assistant

Hi, I'm Leona! Animals have been a constant in my life with a brief exception when I went away to college. My family and I have raised horses, chickens, guinea pigs, lots of cats and some very memorable dogs. We rescued Loki (pictured with me above) from the Dane County Humane Society shortly after I started... Read More >>











Alyssa, Dog Face Group Class Insructor

Hi, my name is Alyssa! I am currently studying Animal Science at UW-River Falls. I’m originally from Madison and now live in Sun Prairie. I’ve been showing dogs for six years and have been an instructor for the Dane County 4-H Dog Program for four years. I have a seven year old Weimaraner named... Read More >>












Gabby, Dog Face Group Class Insructor & Behavior Specialist

Hi, my name is Gabby. Surprisingly, my family didn't have many pets growing up, but our neighbors across the street always had a pack of dogs. From the day they brought Clancy the border collie home, he considered my sister and I his flock to care for. Clancy was my first introduction to the love of a dog. Finally when I was 11 we got our own puppy--a... Read More >>













Sabrina, Dog Face Group Class Instructor

Hello – My name is Sabrina and I am thrilled to be part of the Dog Face team! I have lived in the Madison area with my husband since 2007. I have a background in Social Work and have always loved dogs, so... Read More >>












Jada, Dog Face Group Class Instructor

Hello there! My name is Jada and I am obsessed with dogs. My love started with my first pooch, a Chihuahua named Zoey, and has grown leaps and bounds with each new pup I get to meet. I currently have two... Read More >>













Jess, Dog Face Group Class Assistant

Hey There! My name is Jess. I am a Madison native with passion to create a great community. My education has focused on people and recreation, but animals have always been an important part of my life. I earned my... Read More >>













Renee, Dog Face Group Class Assistant

Hello! My name is Renee, I am thrilled to be a part of the Dog Face team! I live in McFarland with my husband, 2 kids and 3 boy dogs. I have a Brussel Griffon/Shih tzu, a Cockapoo and a Labrador mix, 2 of my boys are rescue dogs. I love love love having pets in my home. As I was growing up... Read More >>














Adrienne, Dog Face Group Instructor

Hi! My name is Adrienne. I grew up in Verona, WI and graduated from Iowa State with a degree on Sociology and Criminal Justice in 2015. I moved back to Madison after college and I now... Read More >>