About The Dog Face Team - Meet Gabby!


Gabby joined our team in April, 2015
Group Training Class Instructor and Behavior Specialist

Hi, I'm Gabby!

Surprisingly, my family didn't have many pets growing up, but our neighbors across the street always had a pack of dogs. From the day they brought Clancy the border collie home, he considered my sister and I his flock to care for. Clancy was my first introduction to the love of a dog. Finally when I was 11 we got our own puppy--a beagle-Australian shepherd mix from the humane society. I loved playing "dog trainer" with Riley-he would practice "stay" for hours as I dressed him up and took pictures. 

I moved to New York City and got a job at a doggie daycare. Soon I was promoted to Dog Trainer and that was a great excuse to adopt my two sassy terriers, Wren and Nora. When I moved back to Madison I wanted to continue pursing a career in dog training, and I am so happy to have joined Dog Face!

I am passionate about animal rescue, and believe that training for dogs and humans is the best way to keep dogs in their homes in the first place! I volunteer at local rescues and it is so rewarding to help dogs learn to trust and communicate with humans. I love that as an instructor I get to be part of the journey that any dog-owner team takes! 

Gabby is also an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evalator, and we're happy to have her on the Dog Face Team!