About The Dog Face Team - Meet Jamie!



Jamie joined our team in January, 2014
Training Coordinator & Group Training Class Assistant

Hi! I'm Jamie. I was born and raised in Platteville, WI, but moved to Madison nearly 20 years ago. I had a lot of different pets growing up, but Kasey was my heart dog. She cultivated a desire to always have a dog (or two) in my life. When I moved to Madison I did two things:  I got a place of my own and instantly adopted a dog. Mimi was an adorably sweet and stubborn little shih tzu who was with me for over sixteen years.  During my years with Mimi, I built my human family which includes my husband and our two daughters who all share my love of dogs. Over time an interest in dog rescue took root and we adopted a sweet, gentle greyhound. Rescuing Penske solidified my commitment to animal stewardship, knowledge and training. Mimi and Penske have since passed and now we have a little rescued lab/terrier mix, Lily, who reminds us everyday not to take life too seriously. 

One thing I have known since I was young was that someday I wanted to have a job in which I was surrounded by animals. Every day I strive to connect with animals and increase my knowledge about them. Over the years I have volunteered at the Humane Society and Heartland Farm Sanctuary, where I met Giene Keyes when I got the opportunity to help train a pig!  I also learned a lot about chickens when I housed two hens from Heartland during a brutally cold winter.

I am so excited to be working with Giene and the other trainers at Dog Face.
I am looking forward to meeting you and being a part of your dog success story!