Do I need a private lesson?
Not sure that a group class is for you? We offer in-home private lessons that cover all sorts of behaviors... Owners will often take a private lesson if they just have one or two things they need to work on, but don't need a full 6-week class. Or sometimes committing to a 6-week session is tough with busy schedules. We tailor the private lesson to your dog, your situaiton and your own needs.

Is your dog showing any signs of aggression? Then you should sign up for a private lesson for sure! We can assess what is going on, and help you down the path to a fair and understanding relationship. We specialize in aggressive dogs and difficult situations. Yep, we've done this once or twice before...

How do I schedule a lesson?
We can help you with your dog's behavior in a way that is effective and easy to understand! We offer weekend and evening appointments (they are our most popular, so they are typically are scheduling further out). We can almost always offer next-week appointments on weekday mornings. Please fill out the registration form and specificy your first and second choices. We'll get back to you via email with our soonest opening!

Where are the lessons held?
Intial consultations are held in our McFarland office. Any lessons scheduled after that may be in our office, or your home, depending on what behaviors we are working on.

How many lessons do I need?
If you have multiple behaviors you'd like to work on, we usually work on 1-2 behaviors per lesson. Our lessons are approximately 1 hour long (dogs and people tend to lose focus past that!). We will give you detailed homework, and decide if multiple lessons are needed. With some behaviors one lesson is all you need - With others, you may benefit from multiple sessions.

What's the cost?

In our Office, $110 for a session
In your Home, $120 for a session, plus an additional fee for the driving cost and time to drive to your home.

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• Puppy or Adult Dog Housetraining
• Polite Greeting Manners
• Jumping
• Digging
• Barking
• Separation Anxiety
• Dog-Dog Aggression
• Dog-People Aggression
• Possession Aggression
• Fear Aggression
• Territory Aggression
• Boundary Aggression
• Bringing Home Baby
• Obedience Skills
• Multi-Dog Household Issues (Harmony in a Multi-Dog Household)
• Choosing the right dog for your home
• Bringing another animal into your home
• Chasing Cars (and bikes and rollerblades and leaves!)
• Bolting out the door
• Pulling on leash
• Bringing a new puppy or adult dog into your home
• Retraining a rescue dog to adapt to your family life
• Evaluation of an adult dog for aggression or compatibility
• Overcoming shyness or fearfulness
• Basic manners for your home
• Bolting through the door

Don't be worried, we're here to help coach you on how to address your dogs unwanted behaviors!!

Still have questions?

No problem, we love to talk dog - Here's how you can contact us:



Our private lessons are well worth it!

One-on-one instruction with our team of dog behavior experts can be invaluble.