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From InBusiness Magazine,May 2016 / Jason Busch

Imagine you’ve worked a long, but fulfilling day. You come home to unwind and you’re greeted by your best bud. You can tell he’s just as happy to see you as you are him, and you’re eager to share stories from your day. But no matter how good your pal’s day was he always says it was the same — rough. Or rather, “ruff.” Read More >>


April 15th, 2016 WMTV Morning Show with Christine Bellport
Dog Park Etiquette

From the Wisconsin State Journal, Sunday March 15, 2015 / Gayle Worland, photos by Craig Schreiner

The humans have their water bottles. The canines have their water bowls.

The people wear their stretchy pants. The dogs show off their well-groomed coats.

When they get it right, the dogs are rewarded with a treat — while the humans burn off calories. Read more >>

Feb 9, 2015 WMTV 5:00pm news with Leigh Mills
Exercise with your dog!


Nov 5, 2014 WMTV 5:00pm news with Leigh Mills
Holiday fun with your dog!

Nov 2, 2014 WISC 10:00pm News with Leigh Mills
Focus on Bully Breeds


July 4, 2014 NBC 15 5:00pm News with Leigh Mills
4th of July Pet Safety Tips


March 28, 2014 NBC 5:00pm News with Leigh Mills
Bringing Home Baby!


January 24, 2014 NBC 5:00pm News with Leigh Mills
Clever Chickens!


November 18, 2013 NBC 15 5:00pm News with Leigh Mills




From the Wisconsin State Journal, Sunday September 1, 2013 / Gayle Worland

Need tips on training your dog? Here’s one:

Get a chicken.

Animal trainer Giene Keyes has spent decades teaching pets good manners, but it’s only since Easter — when her family brought home five baby chicks — that she’s learned just how smart a hen can be.


Giene Keyes is interviewed at length about all the possibilities for average urban chicken owners to teach their hens fun, useful and entertaining tricks.  Can you teach a chicken to dance?  Can your hens learn not to poop on your patio?  Can a rooster be trained not to crow?  All of these questions are answered along with many others on this Urban Chicken Network Podcast. Giene not only answers the questions, but she also shares step-by-step instructions on how to perform certain clicker training regiments with your backyard flock.
This show will instruct you on how to teach your chickens to be even more wonderful than they are right now!  You can train you chickens and it could be good for you and your birds. Click Here >>

June, 2013 NBC 15 5:00pm News with Leigh Mills

May, 2013 NBC 15 5:00pm News


Giene Keyes - Cover Profile in Wisconsin Woman Magazine
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Giene Keyes, cover of Wisconsin Woman Magazine