Puppy Playgroup Party!


Who: Happy, Friendly Puppies!

Ages: All Friendly Puppies under 6 Months

Every Sunday at 11:30am

Where: The Dog Hut in McFarland

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Why Dog Face Playgroups Rock!

  1. Puppies learn how to play appropriately with others their own age.
  2. There is always a Behavior Consultant on hand to answer questions.
  3. We teach you how to read dog body language so you know what is appropriate and what is not.
  4. The weather at Dog Face is never too hot, never too cold!
  5. Get the chance to talk to other doggie owners that have been sharing the same experiences.
  6. Only $5.00 per puppy!

Dog Face has a safe, fun alternative to dog parks. Avoid the mud, the rain, the puddles, the dirt, the nasty weather, and the mean dogs that steal toys or try to start fights!

The key to having a well-socialized adult dog is to first have a well-socialized puppy!

Puppies are not born knowing how to play with other dogs. They need to experience large dogs, small dogs, dogs that play rough and dogs that play gently. If your puppy is only exposed to playing with adult dogs, he will learn that he can bite harder when he plays. Then, when he grows up to be an adult dog himself, he will still have a hard bite. Unfortunately, that can cause fights and make other dogs perceive him as being a bully. Also, many adult dogs simply do not like puppies and will attack them for no reason. This is why it is not safe to take your little puppy to the off-leash dog parks. Coming to Dog Face playgroups will teach your puppy appropriate play manners, and you might learn some great obedience tips for your pup too!

You can also use this time to get advice on your puppies issues from a professional dog trainer (nipping, housetraining, crate training, nail clipping, proper amount of food, etc.).

Bring your puppy to our Playgroups for correct, supervised socialization. Here he will learn to play appropriately, learn bite inhibition, proper dog-dog and dog-people greeting skills - and he'll come home nice and tired!

Please bring: Proof of current vaccinations (We understand that puppies will not have their full series of shots yet; we just need proof that they have started their series and have been seen at least once by your veterinarian - Thanks!)

Cost: $5.00 per puppy/dog
Proof of vaccinations required for first playgroup visit

  • Puppy Plagroups are for the parents to enjoy with their dogs, this is not a drop off visit.
  • Dog Face reserves the right to dismiss a dog for aggression and suggest alternate training such as private lessons.

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