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We often have owners come in to our office and tell us that they just can't get their dog to listen. Sometimes they can even wave a piece of steak in front of their nose, and they still can't get their attention. Learn the EIGHT most valuable tools you can teach your dog, and set him up for success!

This covers the things we can do with our dogs *before* we can expect our training to really become effective! It's not a matter of how often you train your dog, but many of the ways your dog perceives their relationship in the household. It's a fun little seminar that you'll be glad you came to!

Learn how to teach your dog to engage you in a positive way

This seminar will cover behaviors in dogs that cover a wide range of owners, as well as a reference for rescue groups, shelters, foster parents.  It is helpful for fearful dogs, reactive dogs, dogs that are showing aggression, adolescent dogs, dogs that are new to a home.  We even have owners benefit from this information when they are adding a baby or another dog to the family.  Owners that have times of instability in their lives – Moving, changing jobs, kids going from school to non-structured summer routines. It’s a helpful reference for many different lives.

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